Strategic Alignement Workshop

Spend focused time with Prosci's instructional team.

Designed to fast-track you through five key Prosci modules in your pursuit of continually delivering better change results, this workshop accelerates your advanced certification goals.

Spend two full days networking with and learning from Prosci’s top facilitators as well as change practitioner leaders in a variety of industries.

Dla kogo?

  • Enrolled in or considering enrollment in a Prosci Advanced Certification
  • Interested in gaining additional proficiency in Prosci’s tools and methods
  • Looking for additional tools and insights for addressing complex change projects

Agenda warsztatu

Day 1

  • Networking breakfast
  • Creating a multi-dimensional Change Scorecard to define, track and measure change success and outcomes
  • Calculating the “adoption contribution” of project ROI

Day 2

  • Networking breakfast
  • Monitoring and improving project health with the PCT Analyzer
  • Tracking and guiding individual transitions through change with the ADKAR Dashboard
  • Aligning your approach to best practices and the top seven Key Success Factors

Rezultaty programu

  • Change management metrics
  • People-dependent contributions to change projects
  • Defining success and monitoring the health of a project over time

Materiały, które otrzymasz

  • Best Practices in Change Management – Latest edition
  • One-year access to these Prosci Portal tools:
    • Change Scorecard
    • CMROI Calculator
    • PCT Analyzer
    • ADKAR Dashboard
    • eBest Practices Audit

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Ten warsztat jest dostępny w grupach dedykowanych dla pracowników z jednej firmy.

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